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11.07.2011 – Iranian woman’s life saved via e-mail advice from Israel

LAST UPDATED: 11/07/2011 16:27

Doctor in Iran consults Kaplan Medical Center’s Dr. Adi Weissbuch, preventing complications that would have risked pregnant woman’s life.

Dr Avi Weissbuch of Kaplan Medical Center

Although the leaders of Iran regard Israel as a Satan to be destroyed by nuclear weapons, Israeli medicine is regarded as excellent by some Iranian doctors, including one who consulted a senior physician at Kaplan Medical Center and prevented complications that would have risked a pregnant woman’s life.Dr. Adi Weissbuch of the unit for at-risk pregnancies at the Rehovot hospital was recently contacted with urgency via e-mail by a female doctor who identified herself as “NN” from an Iranian-university hospital.

She had read a comprehensive article published in an international medical journal in which Weissbuch wrote about a rare genetic complication of pregnancy and supplied his e-mail address at the bottom.

Consultation was urgent, the Iranian doctor wrote, because according to Islamic law, abortion is forbidden after the 18th week of pregnancy, and her patient was already in her 16th week. She sent the Kaplan physician a copy of lab results and asked his opinion.

Weissbuch wrote back that on the basis of the data, there was very little chance that the woman would have a healthy baby and that delivering the baby would endanger her life. The Rehovot doctor had discussed a very similar case in his article.

After receiving the information, the Iranian doctor advised the woman to undergo an abortion immediately, and she did so.
Weissbuch said that he had received numerous requests for medical help via email from various parts of the world, but that this was the first time one had come from Iran.

“For me as a doctor, caring for patients is not dependent on nationality, gender or religion. We are morally bound to give proper treatment and advice to whoever needs it. From my side, of course all of my correspondence with the Iranian physician mentioned ‘The State of Israel’ under my full name, but she was not dissuaded by this fact,” he said.

11.01.2011 – ‘Miracle’ saves young teen from turning into ‘human torch’

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13-year-old boy suffers serious injuries after spray deodorant thrown onto sidewalk explodes.

Doctors [illustrative]

Tomer Granot, a 13-year-old boy from Kfar Bilu, threw a can of a popular brand of spray deodorant onto the sidewalk outside his home as a prank and ended up with serious burns on his face and body, being treated at Kaplan Medical Center on Sunday night.Dr. Uri Shulman, a plastic surgeon at the Rehovot hospital, said it was a “miracle” that the flames did not set his clothing afire, as he would then have turned into a “human torch.” During the next few days it will be decided whether the teen requires skin transplants, Shulman said.

 Tomer’s mother Michal urged parents to take care that labelled instructions on such products be observed.

The seventh grader was at home with his older sister and a good friend when the incident took place.

“I was curious what would happen if the deodorant hit the floor,” recalled Tomer. “It did not make any contact with fire, so why would it be dangerous, as it was said as a warning on the label?,” he asked.

Fire erupted, and his hair and face were burnt. “I was very scared, and it burned. My friend was hurt a bit from the fire and pieces from the container. My sister immediately called our father, who rushed home and took me to Kaplan.”

The father, Ron Granot, said Tomer’s face, an arm and a leg were red. The staff gave us confidence he would survive it. Now they will help us with the rehabilitation process and the return to normal life.”

Shulman said that a significant amount of the boy’s body was burned and that even his eyelashes and eyebrows caught fire. Fortunately, his throat did not suffer burns, which would have threatened his life.

He was treated with creams, bandaged and given a high-protein diet to nourish the skin and vitamins. The physician said that apparently, alcoholic substances in the deodorant caused it to burn when it hit the pavement.