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07.17.2012 – Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal Publishes Peer-Reviewed …

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal Publishes Peer-Reviewed Paper Confirming Safety and Efficacy of TriPollar RF Technology.

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Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Co-authored by Steven D. Shapiro, M.D. of Gardens Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Florida, U.S. and Dr. Amos Leviav of Kaplan Hospital Plastic Surgery Department in Rehovot, Israel, “Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of the TriPollar Technology for Treatment of Wrinkles” appears in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal and reviews a clinical study of Pollogen’s Apollo system. The paper is available at

The blinded clinical trial involved 37 female subjects who received eight weekly TriPollar treatments via a device called TriPollar Apollo for the reduction of facial wrinkles. Subjects were scheduled for follow-up visits at one and three months following their last treatment. There were no unexpected adverse side effects, and 100% of the patients reported virtually painless treatment and were satisfied from treatment results. Photographic analysis of pre- and post-treatment by two physicians revealed improvement of 94%-97%.

“I am pleased to be the first to work with TriPollar RF technology in the U.S.,” stated Dr. Shapiro, principle investigator of the clinical trial. “We performed 136 treatments in our study without any side effects. Patients reported a pleasant and pain-free experience and were satisfied with the results. I observed a significant reduction in wrinkles and overall, I am impressed by the immediate and long-term results achieved with the TriPollar technology and its strong safety profile.”

Although the TriPollar Apollo is FDA-cleared for the non-invasive treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles, the 30-minute, no-downtime procedure is also CE-approved for circumferential reduction and the reduction of cellulite. These currently off-label non-invasive body contouring applications have become the treatment of choice internationally. Unlike its competitors, the TriPollar Apollo provides a painless and pleasant treatment, is effective on all skin types and allows immediate and measurable long-term anti-aging results.

“As global leaders, we are committed to developing the most innovative, non-invasive anti-aging products that improve the well being of our patients worldwide,” said Amichai Bar Nir, CEO of Pollogen. “TriPollar treatments have been available for over six years in Europe and Asia. Recently FDA-cleared in the United States, patients are increasingly opting for the convenient and effective treatment that TriPollar offers.”

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Pollogen Ltd. is a global leader in the medical aesthetic market, providing professionals in over 60 countries with a wide variety of advanced aesthetic solutions to best serve their customers. Pollogen is the developer and manufacturer of three revolutionary technologies under the industry premier brand names TriPollar®, TriLipo® and TriFractional™ and offers a full line of clinically-proven, safe and effective, non-invasive anti-aging facial and body contouring treatment platforms for a range of aesthetic applications including circumference reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. For more information, visit

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07.08.2012 – Hospital saves girl who drank toxic fat remover

07/08/2012 03:43

Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot warned parents that they should never transfer cleaning fluids to “innocent-looking bottles.”

Cooking oil


The school vacation began only a few days ago, and already a seven-old-girl drank a glass of industrial fat remover that had been stored in a mineral water bottle in the home and poured a cup for her cousin.The girl immediately suffered significant chemical burns in her esophagus and stomach, but she managed to stop her cousin from drinking his cup of poison when she realized it was not juice.Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot warned parents on Thursday that they should never transfer cleaning fluids to “innocent-looking bottles. The damage that is liable to happen could endanger life, and the amount of suffering is huge.”The girl, who lives in the South, was rushed to Kaplan after swallowing the liquid fat remover and admitted a week ago in serious condition.She underwent a gastroscopy that showed serious internal chemical burns.

She was hospitalized in the pediatric intensive care unit, where a food tube was connected directly to her stomach so she could receive food and water for two weeks without it going through her damaged esophagus. Under this care, she improved and was out of danger. She was fortunate that the acidic material had not burned a hole in her esophagus.

The girl’s mother said the girl was with her brother at her aunt’s home and went to the kitchen to take a drink.

She and her little cousin saw a bottle of “mineral water” containing a material the color of diluted raspberry syrup. She poured it into two cups and started to drink it but noticed a terrible taste.

Her cousin almost drank it as well, but she managed to prevent him from doing so.

Dr. Michal Korey, head of the pediatric gastroenterology unit at Kaplan said fat remover is extremely poisonous and can kill. “The girl arrived with burns on her mouth and stomach pains.”

Treatment was carried out under general anesthesia.

Such accidents can be prevented entirely by locking cleaning products and other chemicals and keeping them out of the reach of children.

If such an event occurs, the child must be taken immediately to a hospital emergency room.

Now the child is attached to a food tube, said the mother, “and we feel we are in safe hands,” her mother said.

07.08.2012 – Poisonous viper ‘greets’ teenager at friend’s house

07/08/2012 23:22

Stav Buhbut was visiting her best friend at Moshav Gefen near the Masmiya junction.

STAV BUHBUT recovers from snakebite


A teenage girl, bitten by a Palestinian viper last week, was given anti-serum and treated in intensive care at Rehovot’s Kaplan Medical Center.Stav Buhbut was visiting her best friend at Moshav Gefen near the Masmiya junction.

She stood near the front door when a viper emerged from a bush and bit her in the right leg, but managed to move away before the reptile reached her other limb.

Very weak, vomiting and with a swollen leg, she was rushed to the hospital by her friend’s mother. Buhbut is now in good condition.

Her mother, Yaffa, said it was fortunate that the snake did not manage to bite her on both legs, and that her friend’s mother was present and able to take her immediately to the hospital.

Dr. Gennady Bergman, a senior intensive care unit physician, said the girl arrived in moderate to serious condition.

But after receiving the anti-serum, her condition improved. In the intensive care unit, she was kept under observation to ensure she did not suffer breathing problems or clotting. Her quick arrival and treatment at the hospital saved her life, Bergman said.

Yael Polishook, the intensive care unit’s chief nurse, said there are many snakes about this time of the year, especially in grassy areas in kibbutzim, moshavim and other agricultural areas. “Be alert, and don’t walk about in the dark in areas with thorny plants that have a water source that is relatively cool,” she said.

The signs of snakebite are reduced consciousness, a growing feeling of choking, confusion and redness and swelling in a limb