Video – Injured Ukrainians Find Specialized Care in Israel – i24news

See latest 3 minute video link to the international news story with Ukrainian protest victims airlifted to Israel for treatment at the Kaplan Medical Center:

Injured Ukrainians Find Specialized Care in Israel – i24news

Kaplan Medical Center cares for Ukrainian Wounded

While the world is witnessing Chaos in the Ukraine, the Kaplan Medical Center is working to heal the Ukrainian victims shot while protesting for democratic rights.

See KMC in the Media, and the video of Ukrainian protests and recovery in Israel.


On January 2, 2012, in the presence of an assembled audience of 450 invited guests and citing the new pediatric center as a ” revolution in pediatric medicine”, Prof. Jacob Yahav, the CEO of Kaplan Medical Center, cut the ribbon and dedicated the new KMC’s IDA CABAKOFF PEDIATRIC MEDICAL CENTER, after the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger, consecrated the new facility and affixed a Mezuzah at its entrance.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - From right to left; Rabbi Yona Metzger, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Mr. Eli Dafus, Clalit CEO, Prof. Jacob Yahav, KMC's CEO

Affixing the Mezuzah; Rabbi Yona Metzger, the Chief Rabbi of Israel & Mr. Eli Dafus, CEO of Clalit

The new Children’s Medical Center, the  new home of the KMC’s Pediatric Department (which has been functioning  in outdated and crowded facilities), is a technologically and logistically a state-of-the-art  facility which  will  provide healthcare to over 60.000 children from among the 700.000 population under KMC’s care.

The New Ida Cabakoff Children's Medical Center

It would provide suitable conditions for future growth and would be capable of accommodating more young patients. Its structure, in addition to two floors of inpatient wards,,the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the temporary location of the Pediatric Emergency Room, has been built to the highest defense standards in Israel since the KMC is in the range of grad missiles from the Gaza Strip.

In his message to the KMC’s management, the Israel’s P.M, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, called the new Children’s Medical Center the most modern facility of its kind in Israel..

Prof. Eran Littersdorf, the Dean of the Medical School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with which the KMC is affiliated,, wrote in his special  message :

The Kaplan Medical Center is of a special importance to the State of Israel, as continues serving, without a comparable alternative, the over 700.00 population in the heartland of the country.”… and:

The new Pediatric Medical Center will considerably improve the training of the medical students, graduates of the Medical School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as our future physicians, who  would benefit from the medical environment adjusted to the needs of the 21st century and to the growing needs of the patient population.  The new facility would also be of  great importance in training students of the  department of Social Welfare studying both at the Hebrew University and at  the Hadassah School of Medicine’….

 The attending guests represented a broad cross-section of the local and national leadership– the representatives of the Israeli government,, leadership of the Clalit, Academia, mayor of Rehovot and  mayors of neighboring cities, religious and community laders as well as the KMC’s medical staff. (See picture gallery)


Dec. 11, 2011 – A delegation of the Texas State Legislators, judges and  the leadership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston visited Kaplan Medical Center  to learn and witness  its medical  staff ‘s and facilities’  preparedness to  care for terrorism victims as well as  the hospital’s readiness  in the event of other hostilities  such as rocket attacks on southern Israel.

From left to right: Steve Finkelman, Dr. Peleg Ben Galim, Judge Michael Schneider, Senator Jose Rodriguez, Carmen Rodriguez, Darrell Williams, Helen Wils, Chairman Jim Pitts, Representative Senfronia Thompson, Prof. Yahav, Leonard Goldstein – Chairman of the Board, Dr. Ken Arfa, Gary Polland, Judge Michael Schneider Jr., Representative Mark Strama.

Dr. Ben Galim & Prof. Yahav with Senator Jose Rodriguez & Helen Wils (Jewish Federation).

Prof. Yahav with Representative Senfronia Thompson (left) and Representative Mark Strama (right).

Prof. Yahav with Mr. Lee Wunsch (right).

 Prof. Jacob Yahav, the KMC CEO, who had accompanied the delegation on an extensive tour of the hospital, pointed out that, since  KMC and the heartland of Israel  it serves are in the direct range of rockets barrage from Gaza,  the structures in its many facilities such as  Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms, Delivery Rooms, Pediatric ER in the new Pediatric Medical Center and many other rooms there, are reinforced  and can withstand the rockets attacks.

 “Our  emergency medical teams have been trained in the ways to give the best  medical care , when necessary, in situations of defensive emergency, not least of which are the nuclear and biological attacks” stated Prof. Yahav.

 He added: “Kaplan has reacted with quick professional competence and compassion to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in the south of Israel . We are doing everything possible to continue the instruction of our medical emergency teams for any defensive situation”

During their tour of the hospital, the delegation visited the old facilities of the Pediatric Department (which will be moved to a new and modern facility next month) and were duly impressed with the professional and comprehensive care received by an infant who had been suffering from smoke inhalation as a result of a rocket attack on the city of Ashdod of a few months ago.

The delegation remained very impressed with their visit and has concluded that Kaplan Medical Center is very suitably prepared  for any medical  defensive emergencies.

May 17-19, 2011 – three events in Grand Rapids, MI

May 17-19, 2011 – three events held in Grand Rapids and Frankentmuth, MI were attended by over 300 Christian participants under the leadership of the Rev. Timothy Munger, the FOI’s leader in the Midwest, with the participation of Mr. Shai Alderoty, the Director of Marketing at the Kaplan Medical Center.

Rev. Timothy Munger & Mr. Shai Alderoty Mr. Shai Alderoty speaking to audience

Feb. 15, 2011 – a community-wide event in Surprise, AZ

A community-wide event at Temple Beth El in Surprise, AZ at the Temple was attended by over 500 people, both Christian and Jewish, under the leadership of the Rev. Patrick Neff and with the participation of Prof. Jacob Yahav, the CEO of the Kaplan Medical Center.

Prof. J. Yahav & C. Katulka, leader of Origins Partial view of the audience

Nov. 11, 2010 – A community-wide event in Tucson, AZ

A community-wide event held in Tucson, AZ at the Anshei Israel Congregation was attended by over 200 Christian and Jewish participants, under the leadership of the Rev. Patrick Neff, the FOI leader in the Southwestern Region.