Israeli Researchers Discover Pilates Exercises Help after Heart Attack

Until now, there have been few studies proving by the scientific method that Pilates relieves back pain.

A study at the rehabilitation institute at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot has shown that Pilates, a physical fitness system developed a century ago by Joseph Pilates in Germany, can strengthen the body physically and emotionally after a heart attack.

Pilates, which focuses on controlled movements, has some 14,000 instructors and over 10 million people who practice it regularly in the US alone.

The Kaplan team headed by physiologist Dr. Ayelet GIladi, explained that after a heart attack, many patients feel lack of confidence and are afraid to exercise as they did before the event.

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Kaplan Trauma Center Saves Another Life

While fishing for Pokemon, Israeli teen collapses in Mediterranean.

An Israeli teen lost consciousness in the Mediterranean Sea while tracking a Pokemon Go character.

Assaf Ben Guzi, 17, of Ashdod, told Israel Channel 2 that he caught the Wartortle Pokemon before losing consciousness in the sea on Monday night.

“I managed to catch it and then collapsed in the water, and from then on I don’t remember anything,” he told Channel 2 from his bed at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

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60-year-old Israeli gives birth to healthy baby after emergency C-section

dFirst-time 60-year-old mother and her newborn daughter are healthy after an emergency cesarean delivery on Tuesday morning at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, was rushed to the hospital with preeclampsia, a condition that can potentially harm both mother and baby. It took a medical team including two gynecologists, two pediatricians, a midwife and three nurses an hour to deliver her 2.2-kilogram (4.85-pound) daughter, the hospital said.

The woman, who had undergone many years of fertility treatments, thanked the medical staff.

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The other “Philadelphia Story” — Commemorating Israel’s Fight for Freedom

cThe US Democratic Convention plays out in Philadelphia, in the symbolically laden birthplace of American democracy.

In Israel “Philadelphia Freedom” was invoked two weeks’ prior on the solemn hills of Jerusalem, to Prime Minister Netanyahu and an entourage of Israeli leadership.

Gathered at the gravesite of Entebbe Rescue Hero Yoni Netanyahu on Mt. Herzl on Tuesday evening, July 12, 2016, were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and family, including brother Iddo Netanyahu, who is the author, playwright, and chronicler of brother Yoni and his role as national hero. Also in attendance were President Reuven Rivlin, former President Shimon Peres and a host of other Israeli top leaders.

Speaking to the assembled on behalf of the rescued Entebbe hostages was Benny Davidson, 53, who forty years ago was anticipating an exciting family “Bar Mitzvah” trip to tour the US, when their Air France plane was diverted for a week of incarceration and anticipated doom in Uganda.

Read the full story in The Times of Israel.


Range of Rockets held by Hamas




















In the past few days, many hundreds of rockets rained on the heartland of Israel – striking cities and towns as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  The Kaplan Medical Center, which serves much of this area (see map), is caring for many of the victims, including infants and children and shell-shocked civilians. Our trauma and emergency units are gearing up to receiving many more as the hostilities escalate. We look forward to your continued friendship and support, and we would be grateful if you could forward our emails to your friends who care about Israel.