Pediatric Medical Center – Current Conditions

Current Pediatric Conditions at Kaplan Medical Center


Current Pediatrics Departments are located in 60-year old shacks in a remote location at the hospital.

5 to 6 Patients are hospitalized in one room.


In order to transfer a patient for imaging or a surgery, the patient has to be pushed in a narrow corridor that is being used as the logistics’ pathway. “Traffic jams” are inevitable…

 0 to 1 year old infants’ hospitalization is crowded and parents have no privacy with their sick kids.

The Pediatrics’ ER facility is old and small.
The little patients and their parents have very little space for relaxation.
Although excellent professional personnel and talented clowns are doing their best to ease the tension at the crowded ICCU, it is barely enough.
The nurses’ station is small and is located at a remote location within the ward.
Since storage places are in short supply at the old shack, medical equipment is “stored” in the corridors.
Some of the interior corridors at the pediatrics wards are dark and scary… Not a suitable place for kids to recover.