Health Day



Prof. Ada Yonat, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009, during physical examinations on Health Day at the Weizmann Institute of Science “Kaplan Hospital has a share in the Nobel Prize on ribosomes…”

Yesterday, Sunday September 5th, specialists from the Kaplan Medical Center conducted a noteworthy ‘Health Day’ with scientists and administrative staff of the Weizmann Institute of Science.  Hundreds of scientists and other personnel were examined, and obtained medical information on various fields in the enormous ‘health camp’ erected on the lawns of the Institute.

Health DaySpecialists from the Kaplan Medical Center performed a variety of tests on the personnel, including intra-ocular pressure, blood pressure, lungs, breast, and skin conditions.  In addition, the scientists and other staff obtained advice on a number of different subjects, such as proper nutrition, healthy work environment and child safety.  Moreover, discussions were held on the relationship between health and science, in which Weizmann Institute scientists took part together with physicians from the Kaplan Medical Center.  Professor Yaron Cohen of the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted a discussion with Professor Hila Knobler and Dr Simona Naor of the Kaplan Medical Center, on the immune system and metabolic disorders.  Professor Hadassa Degani of the Weizmann Institute and Dr Noa Ben-Baruch of the Kaplan Medical Center deliberated on innovations in breast health.

Professor Ada Yonath, Biochemist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her groundbreaking research on ribosomes, said that the Kaplan Medical Center had his share in her success in the field of ribosome research.  “Apart from the fact that my daughter was an intern at the Kaplan Medical Center, I was involved in a road accident when cycling near the Weizmann Institute of Science in February 1979”, she related.  “I suffered concussion and was taken to the Emergency Department at Kaplan Hospital.  The treatment and attention I received from the medical team were devoted and professional.  Because I was hospitalized I could not continue an experiment I had started, so I began the research on ribosomes instead…”

Professor Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, pointed out that this was the first time, specialists from the Kaplan Medical Center had come to the Weizmann Institute of Science to carry out preventive medicine tests.  “We welcome the exceptional collaboration with the Kaplan Medical Center. Our task as scientists is to constantly exchange information with physicians in the field, in order to understand the significance of the discoveries and to progress.  The association with the Kaplan Medical Center is of prime importance and will be developed in the future.”  Regarding the tests performed, Professor Zajfman emphasized the importance of preventive medicine, which enables people to extend their lifespan and enhance their quality of life, “Therefore – go and be tested,” he concluded.

Professor Yaakov Yahav, Director of the Kaplan Medical Center, said he was proud and happy to come, together with the foremost specialists of his medical center, to perform tests on the personnel of the Weizmann Institute of Science.  “During the course of the day, the most important medical tests will be carried out; tests which one does not always have time to perform during day-to-day routine.  Furthermore, you will receive brief guidelines for periodic examinations, in order to remember which tests are required, and when to perform them across the range of ages,” he added.  “The Kaplan ‘health camp’ has traveled around the community in the area since early 2010.  The camp has already been erected at the Rehovot municipality, at Kyriat Malachi and other sites, and we aim to arrive with our specialists wherever we are required.  This is an important expression of our vision, “Kaplan Close Care”.