Stabbing Victim Treated at Kaplan Medical Center


Yavne terror victim released from hospital

Niv Nehemia, who was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack earlier this month, is released from the hospital after a significant recovery; His attacker will be indicted on Monday.

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In Yavneh, Israel, a 43-year-old employee of a Supersal supermarket was attacked and stabbed multiple times in the chest, neck, and head.

The victim was rushed to the nearby Kaplan Medical Center with life threatening injuries and was being operated on, a hospital spokesperson said.

The Kaplan Medical Center surgeon, Dr. Doron Schindel, the head of the Head and Neck Surgery Unit, provided an update on the victim’s condition:

“The patient arrived at the emergency room with multiple stab wounds in the neck and upper body and also in the back. He was bleeding from many wounds when he arrived. Initial efforts were made to stabilize him in the emergency room, and then he was taken to the operating room where they continued to work to stop the bleeding and to close the affected organs.”

Whether it is an accident, or a terrorist attack, the Kaplan Medical Center is there to heal with one of the best Trauma Centers in the world. Staff at the Rehovot hospital say the patient is fighting for his life after being severely injured.

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