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See an amazing 3 minute video describing the background of Kaplan Medical Center and our high-tech cardiac advances…

Kaplan Medical Center

Kaplan Medical Center (KMC), one of Israel's major general hospitals, is a recognized Center of Excellence in major departments including Trauma, ICU, OBGYN and Obstetrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, and Pediatrics.

KMC in Rehovot serves more than one million Israeli citizens (12% of the population). Kaplan is often in the news for life-saving procedures and major advances in medical research.

Our Projects:

We're working hard to build a new state-of-the-art Cardiac Center, to be the largest in the Middle East. We are also finishing our new Pediatric Center, The Beit Ida Children's Medical Center.

Please help support these efforts.

Kaplan Pediatric Care: “Best in Israel!”
Help us build a Kids Cancer Care Center in Rehovot, Israel

Children undergoing cancer therapy in the Rehovot region have, up until now, only had a Day Unit that they could go to with their families. For more involved care or for stays requiring overnights in the hospital, they had to travel to other hospitals in Israel to receive this care.

A unique opportunity has arisen since our Israeli counterpart, Israel Friends of Kaplan Medical Center has just raised 1/2 of the $600,000 needed to create a new comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Unit in the new Pediatric Hospital at KMC.

The American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center Board has taken up the challenge and we are embarking on a campaign to raise the final $300,000 needed to establish this unit.

Our board has raised $35,000 to date and we will offer this as a 1:1 match to new donations to help support this unit. Please help us make this unit a reality for these kids and their families - we would be most appreciative of your support!

Read more about this new pediatric unit and how you can help make it a reality. →

Thank you to the American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center for their generous support of GA 2018 and the Israel Anniversary GA Mission.
— Jewish Federations of North America

American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (AFKMC) is developing a strategic partnership with Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). The partnership includes AFKMC as the sole sponsor of the JFNA 4-day Israel Mission for the GA for Israel 70! Additionally, AFKMC is working directly with JFNA and local Jewish Federations in supporting life-saving medical innovation at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

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Latest News…

First 3D Cardiac Catheritization in Israel

The first 3D cardiac catheterization in Israel improves sharpness and accuracy of treatment.

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HIV risk reducing drug shows promise at Kaplan

An Israeli drug called Gammora has produced unprecedented results against the HIV virus.

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Did the cold weather inspire a baby boom?

Doctors at KMC credit its highest-ever monthly number of deliveries to the heavy rainfall and cold weather 9 months earlier.

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From Balfour to Fantastic Voyages

Science fiction thriller “Fantastic Voyage” come to life when Kaplan cardiologists live-stream open heart surgery.

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Who Are We?

The Kaplan Medical Center (KMC) is located in Rehovot, Israel. It's one of the largest hospitals in the CLALIT network, Israel's largest health services provider.

KMC is a unique combination of a community hospital and an academic medical center with the most advanced technologies

Why Does KMC Exist?

KMC exists to provide medical services to over 1 million Israelis delivering care mostly to those in the middle to lower socio-economic classes.

How Can YOU Help?

Help us build the largest high-tech cardiac care center in the Middle East.

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Does “life begin” at Kaplan?

At national conferences like the GA, AIPAC, IAC, and while visiting local communities around North America, we find Israelis who tell us, “I was BORN at Kaplan!”

We also hear amazing life-saving stories from Israel visitors and Israelis in America.

If this applies to you, please send us your details — we'd love to hear your personal Kaplan story.

What Does KMC Do?

As a teaching hospital affiliated with the Hebrew University Medical School, KMC not only provides medical care to more than a million Israelis, but also trains medical students, nursing students, and radiology technician students.

Who Does KMC Help?

The hospital helps a large portion of the Israel population, including a large group of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, a large Sephardic Jewish community, and many minorities.