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Thursday, May 14, 2020 — 10 AM Eastern, 5 PM Israel time

Israel's 72nd Birthday

May 14, 1948 — May 14, 2020

AFKMC Virtual Community Gathering #2 Israel Heroes — a Zoom Event



Tal Brody, Israel's Goodwill Ambassador, Israeli basketball star and national sports icon. Tal, a native of Trenton, NJ, is recognized throughout the globe as the sports star who put “Israel on the Map”




“Officer Netta”, former Operation Officer, IDF’s Elite 669 Unit – International Rescue Missions. Dramatic stories include life of “Chayalet” saved by Kaplan doctor, minutes away from the Tel Nof AFB


Niv & Sigal Nehemiah, Niv fought with his bare hands a knife-wielding terrorist at the Yavneh Supersol supermarket in August 2017. While Niv is still undergoing surgeries and therapy, his wife Sigal…works in office administration…plus takes care of her husband through recovery, along with their 5 kids, one with a debilitating illness, and all with a warm and comforting smile on her face.

See the Jerusalem Post Weekend feature story and the 55-second Youtube video.

Please join us for an engaging hour to learn three stories of Israeli Heroes.

This is the first of a monthly Zoom series introducing you to Heroes of Israel.


AFKMC's first Zoom Event - April 6
A great success!



AFKMC Virtual Community Gathering

Israeli Response to the Coronavirus

Thank you to our Presenters, our organizational partners, and viewers from across the US and Israel!

One of the ‘take-aways’ we learned from our Israeli Experts, is that when we work together we all become stronger, more productive, and effective. As our Experts in Israel informed us, we can share in our successes, as we reach for larger goals in these Times of Crisis. Working together, we achieve more in our support of Israel, and as the Coronavirus knows no boundaries, for the betterment of mankind.
— Lou Balcher, Zoom Conference Moderator

The AFKMC Coronavirus Conference replay is available on YouTube.

Organizational Partners & Presenters:

Israel Nitzan,

Deputy Consul General

Yoni Yagodovsky,

MDA Director of International Relations

Prof. Nadav Davidovitch,

Director of the School of Public Health at Ben-Gurion University

Prof. Ran Nir-Paz,

Infectious Disease Physician at Hadassah

Prof. Rafi Beyar,

Director Emeritus of Rambam Health Care Campus

The March 23rd Women of Valor Awards Gala live event has been postponed.

AFKMC will reschedule the Cocktails for a Cause / Women of Valor Awards Gala - Date TBD.

The AFKMC team and leadership appreciate your understanding and engagement.

“Kaplan Saved My Husband's Life”

Watch the video (in Hebrew; English transcription coming soon)

Read the full press release

Read The Jerusalem Post article

(Photo courtesy The Jerusalem Post)


Leaving No Heroes Behind

AFKMC recognizes Heroes of Israel who highlight the life-saving mission of Kaplan Medical Center.

Niv Nehemiah is an Israeli hero who fought off a knife-wielding terrorist with his bare hands. The 55-second YouTube video of his heroism made international news in August, 2017.

Niv was declared a hero by President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu. While Niv saved the lives of Israeli supermarket shoppers, Kaplan Medical Center Emergency Trauma doctors saved his life and continue his treatment.

Niv's wife Sigal is also an Israeli hero. She is taking care of the medical and therapeutic needs of her husband, along with caring for their five children, one with a debilitating illness.

Sigal is also the primary bread-winner for the family. Her activism for her family is known throughout Israel. Those who meet her realize that she is an activist with a warm and loving smile. Sigal is truly another Israeli “Wonder Woman!”

Details of Niv Sigal's heroism and medical challenges were recently published in the Jerusalem Post Magazine.

“Cocktails for a Cause”

Supporting a new Israeli Pediatric Oncology Unit

Due to the current situation, the Board and Leadership of AFKMC decided to postpone the March 23rd event in Philadelphia.

Although that in-person event will be rescheduled, we will be hosting a virtual online event on April 6th. Please see the top of this page for details.

All previous registrants will receive details soon.

Quick Facts and an Invitation to Support the American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center

Be part of AFKMC's mission in enabling Kaplan Medical Center, Israel's biggest hospital…that you never heard of!*

Kaplan is…

Located in Rehovot, the center of Israel

Creating the most impact

Kaplan is critical…

     ★ To Israel's strategic defense for mass casualty preparedness

     ★ For Israel's trauma response (Kaplan is a world leader)

     ★ For international medical rescue, with Kaplan doctors on-call 24/7 to the nearby Tel Nof IDF air force base

And is a leader in hi-tech innovation in Israeli medicine, with Professor Kobi George, Kaplan's Chief Cardiologist…

     ★ Leading a team of 30 top Israeli heart doctors, as we build the Largest Hi-Tech Cardiac Center in the Middle East

     ★ Introducing 3D heart imaging, using the latest hi-tech equipment in the newest cardiac catheterization operating room in Israel

Providing services to more than one million Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens

* Only 0.08% of non-Israeli American Jews know about Kaplan Medical Center (KMC) but 99.9% of Israeli-Americans know about KMC — Many of them were born there.

Learn More

“Cocktails for a Cause”

Supporting a new Israeli Pediatric Oncology Unit and honoring AFKMC's first “Women of Valor” award recipients:

Linda Richman, Emeritus Regional Director, American Technion Society

and Vered Nohi, Executive Director, Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

The event features Neshama Carlebach, the award-winning Jewish singer, songwriter, and educator, as we celebrate the America-Israel relationship.

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Steve Friedman, Esq.

Joseph Zuritsky

Linda Richman

Vered Nohi

Neshama Carlebach

Kaplan Medical Center (KMC), one of Israel's major general hospitals, is a recognized Center of Excellence in major departments including Trauma, ICU, OBGYN and Obstetrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, and Pediatrics.

KMC in Rehovot serves more than one million Israeli citizens (11% of the population). Kaplan is often in the news for life-saving procedures and major advances in medical research.

Our Projects:
We're working hard to build a new state-of-the-art Cardiac Center, to be the largest in the Middle East. We are also building a new Pediatric Oncology Unit at the Beit Ida Children's Medical Center.

Newest Israeli Cardiac Catheterization Operating Room

Watch amazing 3 minute video describing the background of Kaplan Medical Center and our high-tech cardiac advances.

Our Mission

To bring lovers of Israel together to do good work

To enable life-saving hi-tech Medical Miracles at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, Israel

To build up the critical relationship between North America and Israel through creative initiatives, especially in collaboration with other Israel-loving organizations

To foster the next generation's support for Israel through young leadership development and collaborations with local communities throughout North America

If you can help with our mission, please send us your info below so we can get in touch…

Tell me how I can help AFKMC.

Synagogue registrations are now being taken for Rosh Hashannah, 5781, September 19, 2020

Nationwide Young Professionals Rosh Hashanah 10-Minute Meetup

This is an AFKMC project with 17 national US and Israeli organizations (currently) working together to invite young professionals to be “foot soldiers” for the “Heart & Sole” project. We are building the largest Hi-Tech Cardiac Center in the Middle East, in Rehovot, Israel, with the message in America of “Israel Saving Lives with Cutting-Edge Medical Miracles.”

Nationwide Young Professionals
Rosh Hashanah 10-Minute Meetup

September 30, 2019

• At your neighborhood participating synagogues

• 17 US and Israeli organization partners

US & Israeli Partners of the AFKMC “Heart & Sole” Rosh Hashanah “10 Minute YP Meet-Up” at the Israel Shoe-Box: (click on logo for sponsor web site)

Major Projects

Kaplan Pediatric Care: “Best in Israel!”

Help us build a Kids Cancer Care Center in Rehovot, Israel

The American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center has taken on a new challenge, to help build a new Kid's Cancer Care Center in Rehovot.

Children undergoing cancer therapy in the Center of Israel, the Rehovot region, have, up until now, only had a Day Unit that they could go to with their families. For more involved care or for stays requiring overnights in the hospital, they had to travel to other hospitals in Israel to receive this care.

AFKMC is looking for Partners in American leadership to play a significant role in raising the $600,000 needed to create a new comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Unit in the new Ida Kabakoff Pediatric Hospital at KMC.

Please help us make this Cancer Unit a reality for Israeli kids and their families!

Hi-Tech Cardiac Center

This crucial project will create a breakthrough for Israel and the Middle East in finding solutions for heart diseases and heart disease prevention, the main cause of medical fatalities in the western world.

The Center's hospitalization rooms, labs, and clinics will house the most advanced technologies available and will take its position at the forefront of advanced treatment and medical care.

By establishing a cardiac research center, in collaboration with the Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute, the Cardiac Center will be amongst the most advanced Cardiac Centers in the world.

Read more about the Cardiac Center and how you can support it.

Cardiac Center Naming Opportunities

Newest Israeli Cardiac Catheterization Operating Room

Heart Center currently located in barracks from 1953!

AFKMC Partners with Jewish Federations

“Thank you to the American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center for their generous support of GA 2018 and the Israel Anniversary GA Mission.”

—Jewish Federations of North America

American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (AFKMC) has been developing a strategic partnership with Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). The partnership has included AFKMC's EXCLUSIVE role as the Sole Sponsor of the October 2018 JFNA 4-day Israel Mission for the GA for “Israel 70!”

Additionally, AFKMC is working directly with JFNA and local Jewish Federations in programming support for local Maimonides Society Chapters. As a part of this effort, we are also collaborating in finding new funding directed through local Jewish Federations to share in supporting the life-saving medical innovation at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

Federation leaders, please contact us for more information, and to partner.


2018 GA in the Cardiac Center Control Room


Newest Israeli Cardiac Catheterization Operating Room


Cardiac Center Ceiling - in Barracks from 1953

Quick Facts About Kaplan Medical Center (KMC)

Located in the center of Israel, halfway between and just south of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Affiliated with Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University Medical School

Serves a growing population of more than one million Israeli Arabs and Jews.

As a Community Hospital it provides programs of direct medical and outreach community services to:

39% of Israel's Ethiopian community

Large community of immigrants from the former Soviet Union

Large Sephardic community

Large minority population

Among the “Centers of Excellence” and Hi-Tech Medical Care departments include:

Ilan Ramon Emergency Care and Trauma Center, recognized as a world leading trauma center

Advanced Cardiology Center with open heart surgery and Catheterization Lab

Hartzfeld Geriatric Rehabilitation Center

Ambulatory Surgery

Breast Health Center

Ears, Nose, and Throat Center

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Hemato-Oncology Center

Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Intensive Care Unit

“Neve Or” AIDS Treatment and Research Center, Israel's premier AIDS clinic

Nuclear Medicine Department and Isotopes Unit

Oncology Institute and the Digestive System Tumor Unit

Ophthalmology Department

Ida Cabakoff Children's Medical Center - Pulmonary Institute

How Can YOU Help?

Help us build the largest high-tech Cardiac Care Center in the Middle East.

Help us build a new Pediatric Oncology Unit at the Beit Ida Children's Medical Center.

Donate Now

Does “life begin” at Kaplan?

At national conferences like the GA, AIPAC, IAC, and while visiting local communities around North America, we find Israelis who tell us, “I was BORN at Kaplan!”

We also hear amazing life-saving stories from Israel visitors and Israelis in America.

If this applies to you, please send us your details — we'd love to hear your personal Kaplan story.

Please fill out the online form.