Heart and Sole National Campaign

Let's work together to build the largest high-tech Cardiac Center in the Middle East. Over one thousand synagogues, churches, and college campus groups are expected to participate.

 Empty your closet of clutter

 Recycle your “gently used” shoes

 Help build Israel's Largest High-Tech Cardiac Center in the Middle East

Read Letter from Karen, on the Committee

Our Goals:

 Support the effort to save Israeli lives with cutting edge technology performed by leading Israeli cardiac doctors.

 Build a Research Center to find cures for heart disease – the #1 killer in the West, in America, and specifically for women.

 Educate about the strong ties between America and Israel, including current medical miracles taking place in Israel at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot

Each participating organization will work to collect “gently worn” shoes that will be donated to needy recipients in 50 countries around the world. In return, based upon the total weight of shoes collected, AFKMC will receive a check from the recycling agency. All proceeds go directly to the “Brick-by-Brick” fund.

Additionally, AFKMC will be sending to the participating organizations regular educational material on Israel, and Kaplan's Life Saving activities. Example: Recent Times of Israel published piece: From Balfour to medical miracles and fantastic voyages.

Details of cutting-edge techniques at Kaplan: On September 11, 2017, Israeli Chief Cardiologist Professor Kobi George orchestrated 8 heart procedures consecutively from 8AM—5PM, including open heart surgery, with 400,000 viewers watching LIVE on Facebook. And since then, two million have watched the Kaplan heart operations on YouTube!

During his procedures Professor George utilized what he recently introduced to Israeli medicine, 3-D imaging INSIDE the Heart! Scenes that were only dreamed about 50 years ago in the classic science fiction thriller Fantastic Voyage, are now a reality, as Professor Kobi George took viewers into the Heart!

We need YOUR HELP to build the new Cardiac Center in Rehovot, Israel.

I Can Help

To join this effort or to get more information, please send the following to LBalcher@AFKMC.org

  • Name of your organization
  • Your organization's address - street, city, state, zip
  • Primary contact name and title
  • Phone and email address

You can also contact Lou Balcher via phone or text on 215.932.2974.

Dear Friends,

This New Year of 2018, on Israel's 70th Birthday, American Friends of the Kaplan Medical Center needs your support!

Your participation is esseential with a national campaign to save lives in Israel!

Join with American community leaders and philanthropists to help Israel add a state-of-the-art Cardiac Care / Research Facility at the Kaplan Medical Center (KMC) in Rehovot, Israel. Kaplan has become recognized as a leading cardiac treatment center in the Middle East, but its current physical facility is outdated (barracks built in 1953) limiting Kaplan's ability to provide cardiac care to patients in need of its services.

This multi-specialty medical compound is home to a team of 30 cardiologists with international reputations, who currently perform the latest high-tech medical procedures, some of which are not yet available in the US. The hospital serves the international community, as well as about 12% of the Israeli population. One out of 5 heart procedures in Israel is performed at Kaplan. Its quality care takes a back seat to no one, while its staff invests considerable time in teaching preventive cardiac measures to its patients.

Ironically, few Jewish and non-Jewish Community leaders in the U.S. are aware of Kaplan's existence. Therefore, the American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (AFKMC) is working closely in conjunction with the State of Israel to educate community leaders and the public about the Kaplan Medical Center and to its dire need of a state-of-the-art facility for its cardiac patients. Its national director is our own Lou Balcher, with Rabbi Gruenberg serving on this National AFKMC Board of Directors.

The American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center was incorporated in 2008 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). It is running a “Brick-by-Brick” campaign to raise $15 million, over the next two years, for this new high-tech cardiac center costing $45 million. Citizens of the State of Israel will match each U.S. dollar with two of their own — more than enough to cover the cost. Construction will begin in 2018, and Israel needs our help!

In addition to major fund-raising efforts, the AFKMC is launching the “Heart and Sole” campaign at the grass roots level to involve donors and create awareness of KMC. “Gently worn” shoes collected will be recycled to more than 50 countries overseas. In return, based upon the total weight of shoes collected, the AFKMC will receive a check from the recycling agency, located in Bensalem, PA. All proceeds go directly to the “Brick-by-Brick” fund.

By contributing to this effort, community members perform a “triple” Mitzvah: money is donated to the Kaplan Medical Center project — a less fortunate individual receives the recycled shoes — and recycling the shoes is eco-friendly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting project! Help us to save lives at Kaplan Medical Center.

One day you or a loved one might benefit from the high-tech Cardiac Care advances being developed at Kaplan.

We wish you and yours the blessings for a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity!

Best regards,

Karen Shoemaker, “Heart and Sole” Committee
American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center