Israeli Friends of KMC

Who we are:

For more than two decades, The Friends of Kaplan Medical Center Association, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to building, purchasing medical equipment, and improving hospital conditions.

Many efforts are invested in raising funds and raising awareness to these needs.

Our Chairman

Mr. Haim Danon

Haim Danon is the CEO and owner of the Comesco in Israel, importers of engineering equipment and building supplies.

Mr. Danon served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) as an officer in the Armored Corps.

He served as the sales manager of Comesco prior to becoming its owner.


Board Members:

  • Adina Paldi
  • Adv. Moshe Goldberg
  • Amir Ben Ari
  • Amnon Rogev
  • Bella Ovadia
  • Benzi Grabht
  • David Tsory
  • Debbie Rozman Shaked
  • Dr. Carlos Gruzman
  • Elimelich Catz
  • Erez Gilad (Auditing)
  • Gilad (Gili) Cohen
  • Igal Ovadia
  • Jacob Liron
  • Jacob Raz
  • Jacob Sendler
  • Jacob Tadmor
  • Kobbi Livne
  • Menahem Maudi
  • Moshe Brot
  • Moshe Terry
  • Nir Ben Dov
  • Ofra Elul
  • Orna Liberman
  • Pnina Blum
  • Prof. Asher Tishler
  • Prof. Doron Lantset
  • Prof. Raphi Goren
  • Rami Nahum
  • Reuven Goldberg
  • Riva Elad
  • Ronnie Forrer
  • Ruchama Roniuk
  • Silvia Gornstien
  • Simcha Orlev (Treasurer)
  • Varda Mor
  • Yechezkel Harmelech
  • Yigal Shreiber
  • Yossef Hecht
  • Ziv Elul

Some of Our Achievements

  • Purchasing the first CT scan
  • Establishing the Catheterization unit
  • Assisting the oncology unit to transit to its new building
  • Purchasing Sweat-test equipment to diagnose CF in children
  • Purchasing a Respiratory machine
  • Supporting research in Tuberculosis
  • Establishing a unit for bone infection treatments
  • Purchasing a laparoscope
  • Renovating the Hematology department
  • Renovating the child development center
  • Participating in the institution of the oncology pharmacy etc
  • Assisting with the purchase of a surgical microscope
  • Purchasing of new essential medical equipment for the ICU
  • Financing of special services for HIV patients

What more is needed?

  • Complete the new Pediatric building
  • Purchase of new Ultrasound machine for the Breast Health Center
  • Medical equipment for the operating rooms
  • Continue supporting the new departments with additional medical equipment

For More Information…

For more information or to make a donation, please contact us via telephone, fax, or email:

— Telephone: 972-8-9441490

— Fax: 972-8-9418358

— Email: