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KMC in the News

Headlines of life-giving stories with hi-tech innovations

1st time in Israel — 3-D Imaging in the Heart — Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

Times of Israel — “From Balfour to medical miracles and fantastic voyages” — On one day, 400,000 Facebook viewers watch eight live back-to-back cutting-edge procedures, including open heart surgery (see amazing 14 minute video in Hebrew)

Israel21c — “Israeli Breakthrough in Noninvasive Prostate Cancer Test” — Just one of more than 300 on-going research projects at any time

Times of Israel — “Israeli scientists see breakthrough in AIDS cure” at “Neve Or” — Israel's largest AIDS Treatment and Research Center


The Kaplan Medical Center (KMC), located in Rehovot, Israel, established in 1953 and is one of the largest hospitals in the CLALIT Health Services network, Israel’s largest health services (HMO) provider as well as the second largest health services provider in the world. KMC is renowned in Israel for the excellent medical services it provides to over 1,000,000 citizens under its catchment area.

The Kaplan Medical Center is an academic medical institution. The 554 bed facility is a teaching hospital affiliated with the Medical Schools of the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem and Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. KMC has over 50 wards and units approved for residency training as well as for teaching medical students in their clinical years. In addition, The Kaplan Medical Center campus includes a Nursing School, a Radiology Technicians School as well as a School for New Immigrant Physicians who require additional medical training before they become eligible to practice medicine in Israel.

In 2017, Kaplan has treated as many as 143,500 ER patients, 46,000 admissions and 365,500 outpatient visits.

In February 2017, The Kaplan Medical Center was re-examined by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and has received its re-accreditation approval. KMC first received JCI's accreditation approval in 2010. The accreditation process assesses the health care organization to determine if it meets the international set of excellence standards requirements designed to improve quality of care and patient safety. A JCI accreditation affords the KMC to gain not only an international reputation but also to be recognized as a medical tourism location by international insurance companies. So far, only two other hospitals in the Clalit network were awarded such a recognition.

As a community hospital, the Kaplan Medical Center represents and consists of the most advanced departments in all major medical fields and boasts a nationally recognized medical staff. To remain in the forefront of technology and medical standards, its medical staff collaborates with major academic and research institutions in Israel (primarily, with the Weizmann Institute of Science and The Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and abroad.

At the time of its construction in 1953, this regional hospital located on a 60 acres campus, consisted of hastily built barracks with 88 inpatient beds to absorb the growing immigrant and local population of 50,000 spread in the neighboring towns and new cities, this medical facility intended to provide medical services to the Southern part of Israel.

Over the years, some of the hospital facilities were upgraded to accommodate the ever-growing population of the area and its development plans included erecting more modern facilities to replace the original barrack structures. During the unprecedented influx of immigrant population in Israel’s history in the eighties and nineties, the population under the hospital’s catchment area had grown proportionally and, as of today, it boasts over 1,000,000 people spread in Israel’s heartland.

KMC Mission Statement

The mission of Kaplan Medical Center is to become a center of medical excellence by providing high-quality professional care and services.

Patients and their family are the focus of KMC's activities, which include providing excellent, first-class, superior, up-to-date treatments and humane care, while preserving patients' dignity and rights.

The KMC will continue to act in full cooperation with the community to ensure the health of its residents and to assure a continuum of the health care provided to them by maintaining continuous communication and data flow between the medical center and the community health services.

Kaplan Medical Center aims to become and serve as a model for environmental care ensuring that future construction development will be “green”, providing a healthy work and care environment.

The KMC will continue to be a medical center that attracts high quality professional and medical services personnel.

KMC leadership

Dr. Sarit Avishai Eliner MD, M.H.A. became the new CEO of the Kaplan Medical Center on November 1, 2018. Previously she was deputy CEO of KMC since March 2016 and the Medical Director of the Jerusalem District in Clalit Health Services from year 2007 to 2016. Dr. Avishai Eliner returns to Kaplan after being Deputy CEO of the medical center from 2000 to 2007.

Dr. Avishai Eliner earned her MD degree (cum laude) in 1981 from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Dr. Avishai Eliner did her residency in Pediatrics at the Kaplan Medical Center. She did her fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care at the Children Hospital in Los Angeles, USA (1991-1995). Dr Avishai Eliner received her M.A. degree at the Health Management Faculty in the University of Beer Sheva and earned a degree as a Specialist in Medical Administration in 2004. She is the Head of the Health and Medical Management Department at Kaplan Medical Center.

Dr. Avishai Eliner has 3 Professional Specialty: Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care and Medical Management.

Dr. Avishai Eliner serves as an advisor at the Online Medicine in Pediatrics Clalit's service and at the Family Medicine and Skin Medicine community services of Clalit Health Services.

Dr. Jacob Haviv, MD, M.P.H. has been the Deputy CEO of Kaplan Medical Center since summer 2015. Previously, he was the Military Attaché and representative of the Israeli Defense Ministry in Russia since 2011. Before that, Dr. Haviv was the Deputy CEO of Barzilai hospital in Ashqelon. From 1988 until 2010, he did several duties as a medical officer in the IDF and retired from the IDF with the rank of Colonel.

Dr. Haviv earned his MD degree in 1988 from the Sackler School of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv and completed his Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) in 1994 from the School of Public Health, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Haviv has 3 Professional Specialty: Public Health medicine, Occupational Medicine and Medical Management.

Dr. Sharon Tsehori, MD, M.H.A., joined Clalit Medical Services as Kaplan Medical Center's Deputy CEO in September 2017. Previously, she filled several senior positions at Maccabi Healthcare Services, including Medical Director of the Southern District, and Director of the Hospital Audit Department - Maccabi HQ Operations Division.

Dr. Tsehori earned her MD degree (cum laude) in 1992 from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and completed her specialization in Pediatric Medicine in 1999 (cum laude), which she continued practicing until 2017 at Maccabi Healthcare Services, also as a District Pediatrician.

In addition to her MHA degree from Tel Aviv University (2008), she earned a degree as a Specialist in Medical Administration in 2014 from Maccabi Healthcare Services and Assuta Medical Center. Furthermore, Dr. Tsehori has completed medical training programs in Juvenile Medicine, Learning Disabilities and Eating Disorders both in Israel and abroad.

Ziva Levin Barabi, COO Kaplan Medical Center since summer 2016. She has been the deputy COO of Hasharon hospital, the COO of Clalit's Central district and the head of the logistics for the Jerusalem district, Clalit Health Services. She also worked for the Southern district of Clalit for several years.

Ziva received both her B.Sc. degree in Biology and M.Sc. degree in Health Systems Management at Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba, Israel.

Dr. Yardena Kol, R.N., Ph.D., Chief Nurse Executive of Kaplan Medical Center since 2006. She has been the Head of Department of professional planning and development, Chief Nurse Office (Clalit Health Services, Tel Aviv).

She is an active member of a team that develops professional guidelines in selected areas, was a member of the editorial board of the national society for health information systems and developed professional classification systems as a national standards for interventions and outcomes assessment, and implementation in electronic information systems.

Dr. Kol received her Ph.D degree at University of Haifa, Public Management Faculty.

Amir Ben Ari, M.B.A., has been the CFO of the Kaplan Medical Center since October 2013. Previously he was the head of Pharmacoeconomics and pricing department in Clalit HQ since 2008, and an economist in Clalit HQ since 2004.

Amir received both his academic degrees from the University of Tel Aviv: M.B.A degree in Business Administration from the School of Management, and a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management from the School of Social Science.

Centers of Excellence

Kaplan's Centers of Excellence of healthcare delivery include

  • Trauma Center, recognized as a world leading trauma center
  • Advanced Cardiology Center with open heart surgery and Catheterization Lab
  • Hartzfeld Geriatric Rehabilitation Center
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Breast Health Center
  • Ears, Nose, and Throat Center
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Hemato-Oncology Center
  • Cancer Research and Treatment Center
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • “Neve Or” AIDS Treatment and Research Center, Israel's premier AIDS clinic
  • Nuclear Medicine Department and Isotopes Unit
  • Oncology Institute and the Digestive System Tumor Unit
  • Ophthalmology Department
  • Pulmonary Institute
  • Ida Cabakoff Children’s Medical Center

KMC Facts and Figures

Serving the heartland of Israel, KMC is renowned in Israel for the excellent medical services it provides to more than 1,000,000 people (about 12% of Israel's population) in its catchment area. Kaplan serves the most depressed Israeli populations

  • Second largest Ethiopian immigrant community — 39% of all Ethiopian immigrants to Israel
  • Major center of immigrants from the former Soviet Union
  • Major population of Holocaust survivors
  • Large Sephardic community
  • Second largest Ultra-Orthodox community
  • Large Arab, elderly, and other underserved populations in the center of Israel

Many of the people cared for at KMC are of middle to low socio-economic status. Most of them have community specific health issues and depend heavily on the hospital's services.

Kaplan's most exceptional professionals

  • Nearly 600 of Israel's Top Docs
  • More than 1,000 talented nurses
  • More than 700 beds
  • A team of more than 30 top Israeli cardiologists finding innovative solutions to heart disease
  • A team of 40 pediatricians providing advanced care to more than 60,000 children every year

Physical Presence

  • Total Area: 60 Acres (241 Dunums)
  • Built Area: 1,054,869 square ft (98,000 square meters)

Academic Accreditations and Education

  • Affiliated with the Hebrew University Medical School and Hadassah Medical center in Jerusalem
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as a teaching hospital
  • Teaching Hospital
  • Over 50 wards and services are recognized for Residency training
  • Nursing School
  • School for radiology technicians
  • School for immigrant physicians

Operational Statistics

  • Operating Budget: $254 Million (ILS 890 Million)
  • Total employees: 2,600
  • Physicians: 560
  • Nurses: 1,080
  • Sanitary personnel & other services: 960
  • Hospital Beds: 706
    • General: 554
    • Day care: 75
    • Dialysis: 17
    • Newborns: 54
  • Operating Rooms: 10
  • Ambulatory Operating Rooms: 5
  • Emergency Stations: 32
    • General ER: 17
    • Gyn ER: 7
    • Obstetric ER: 4
    • Pediatric ER: 4
2017 Activity Statistics
  • ER visits: 143,400
  • Admissions: 45,900
  • Hospitalization days: 182,700
  • Outpatient visits: 365,400
  • Surgeries: 15,600
  • Deliveries: 6,600

KMC Medical Departments

As a community hospital, the Kaplan Medical Center represents and consists of the most advanced departments in all major medical fields and boasts a nationally recognized medical staff.

To remain in the forefront of technologial and medical standards, its medical staff collaborates with major academic and research institutions in Israel (primarily with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot and The Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and abroad.

Following are some of KMC's departments combining medical excellence with state-of-the art technology:

Israeli Friends of KMC

The Israeli Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (IFKMC), a non-profit organization based in Israel, has spent more than 30 years dedicated to building, purchasing medical equipment, and improving hospital conditions. Please read more here about this group's efforts.