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US campaign for Israeli supermarket Hero who fought off knife-wielding terrorist with his bare hands. Family in desperate need.

In August 2017 Nir Nehemia fought off with his bare hands a knife wielding terrorist, and saved the lives of Yavne, Israel SuperSol supermarket shoppers.

While Nir was declared a hero by President Rivlin and Prime Minister Netanyahu two-and-a-half years ago, medical bills have been mounting for the Nehemia family to nearly $1500 a month, not covered by insurance.

Multiple operations are still needed. Bills for PT and psychological counseling for Nir and his children are increasing. The need to repair his vocal cords, to find a new apartment that does not have him climbing three flights of stairs are pressing. With only being able to work part time, along with his wife's employment, and raising five children, one with a genetic condition, the result of his heroism has put the family in financial jeopardy.

Days ago a special appeal began in Israel for Nir Nehemia and his family. From a goal of $130,000 that is sought, nearly $90,000 has already been raised.

American Friends of Kaplan Medical Center (AFKMC) is joining the effort and asking Jewish organizations throughout America to participate in a One-Week appeal to Help a Hero!

Read full details of Nir's heroism and medical challenges in the Jerusalem Post Magazine just published. Watch the 55 second Youtube live attack and heroism of Nir filmed on August 10, 2017.

Donations for Nir's recovery can be made online at: (Note: at “Select Amount” change “ILS” to “USD.”)

AFKMC is coordinating the effort in the US on behalf of the Nehemia family to provide needed assistance, and to inform Americans of the Strategic importance in Israel of Kaplan Trauma life-saving care. Kaplan in Rehovot serves more than One million Israelis!

See the video of Sigal Nehemia describing in Hebrew Kaplan’s life-saving work, and learn more about American efforts for Kaplan Medica Center and Israel.