I was not born at Kaplan Medical Hospital. However, Kaplan Medical Hospital is part of my life.

My father, Shneier Troper Z"L, worked as a Medical Doctor at the Deparments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine from 1972 to 1974. In 1967 he went to Israel as a volunteer and after he graduated in Recife, Brazil (1969), he made Aliyah to Eretz.

After being the grandfather of Lia Yael (my daughter), the years in Israel were for sure the best ones of his life.

I grow up hearing thousand of histories about his life in Israel, the friends that he made there, and the important role that Kaplan Medical Hospital played in his career as a Medical Doctor.

That's why in spite of not being born at Kaplan, Kaplan is also part of my life!

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