New Pediatric Oncology Unit at Kaplan Medical Center

The Pediatric Oncology Unit provides both clinic and consultation services to the patients in the departments of the pediatric division: the hospitalization wards, day care unit, intensive care unit and trauma.

As part of this activity, various diagnostic procedures are carried out, including laboratory tests, imaging, bone marrow tests and so forth. In cases of complex diagnosis, such as molecular testing, we are using various external laboratories, mainly in Schneider Pediatric Hospital laboratories.

Problem Description

In Israel, there are very few pediatric Oncology units that provide full service (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and so forth). Nonetheless, there are many kids in Israel who require lesser complex services, still they need to commute long distances once a week, and on some occasions, several times per week, to get a treatment that could be provided to them in close proximity to their residence areas.

Current Status

Today, the pediatric Oncology unit provides its service in the pediatric Day Care Unit. This unit is meant to provide day care services to various diseases and illnesses. Pediatric Oncology patients endure a long and on some occasions painful treatment, have many social needs and require a special place that will enable both patients and care givers to give these children the best possible care.

Most current medical recommendations for Oncology treatments (for kids and adults alike) encourage providing an infection free environment for the patients. This is something that we are unable to provide to our young patients within the current structure of our Day Care unit.

The Need

In order to provide the best care for Pediatric Oncology patients, we've decided to construct a new Pediatric Oncology unit which will be located inside our Beit-Ida, the pediatric medical center at Kaplan.

Description Price (USD)
Total Construction Cost $600,000
Amount Already Raised $375,000
Amount Still to be Collected $225,000

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