Brick by Brick Campaign for a New State-of-the-Art Cardiac Center

The largest state-of-the-art high-tech cardiac center in the Middle East will be built brick by brick, dollar by dollar, at Kaplan Medical Center. With your help, added to what has already been committed by the Israeli People, we can make this a reality.

Kaplan's cardiac patients currently reside in old barracks buildings, used during the Israel Independence days more than 65 years ago. These communal living quarters have no private showers or bathrooms, and patients must be wheeled outside (sometimes in harsh weather conditions) to get to diagnostic, imaging, and surgical facilities.

To resolve this issue, and to provide modern facilities for one of the busiest cardiac centers in Israel, plans have been announced for a new cardiac center. Kaplan needs a modernized environment to continue performing one of every five heart procedures in Israel.

A team of thirty of Israel's leading heart specialists, led by Chief Cardiologist Professor Kobi George, perform life-saving surgery and provide expert care to Kaplan patients. But very few Jewish community leaders in the US (and their non-Jewish colleagues) have any awareness of the existence of Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, Israel.

A national effort in the US, reaching out to more than 1,000 synagogues, churches, and college campuses is underway to raise awareness of Kaplan and its need for a modernized cardiac center.

Heart and Sole Campaign In a “green” campaign of recycling gently used shoes to underprivileged in 50 countries around the world, Rabbis, Pastors, Education Directors, Campus Leaders and other Community activists are being sought to assist with this effort, to place recycling boxes at their community center, to help build the new Cardiac Center and raise awareness of life-saving efforts in Israel.

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Kaplan serves more than one million Israelis (12% of the population) and runs the major trauma center in Israel's heartland, specially prepared for emergencies like Operation Protective Edge.

The new cardiac center will have the latest cardiac equipment, along with 30 top physicians in their field, all under one roof. Among other things, the cardiac center will provide…

  •   Clinical research
  •   A heart failure clinic
  •   Intensive cardiac care
  •   Heart intermediate care
  •   Cardiac rehab facilities
  •   CT, MRI, and nuclear cardiology
  •   Non-invasive cardiology procedures
  •   Catheterization and electrophysiology labs

The total cost for the new cardiac center is $45 Million. AFKMC's goal is to raise one third of that - $15 Million - by the end of 2018. Every dollar raised in the US will be matched with $2 by Israeli citizens. This is truly a joint US-Israeli project!

If you can become a Brick-by-brick representative in your area, please contact Lou Balcher, National Director, AFKMC. Please join us in our mission to save lives in Israel!

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Help us build the Largest High-Tech Cardiac Center in the Middle East.

Help us place 1000 “Heart and Sole” shoe recycling boxes on campuses and in synagogues and churches throughout North America.

Help us bring programs to local American communities highlighting Israeli medical advances and life-saving activities.

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If you can help, please send a note with your interests to Lou Balcher, National Director, AFKMC.

You can also send a text message to Lou at 215.932.2974.

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Our Vision

“We want to build a heart center that can patch all these units together — cath labs, MRIs, ICU units, heart scans — with sophisticated imaging and modalities dedicated to the heart. Our vision is to have all the niches built into a single structure. Usually some of those units are outside the hospital. Our idea is to have everything combined for kind of a one-stop shopping cardiac center.”

— Professor Kobi George, Director of Cardiology, Kaplan Medical Center